As a leading university of the country in private sector, we have been educating Pakistan’s future leaders, innovators and thinkers for the last 22 years. Since its emergence, The University of Lahore (UOL) has achieved significant milestones and has emerged as an institution of quality learning with integrated academic programmes. Based on continuous efforts and dedicated work of the administration and faculty, the University has established its stature as one of the best institutions at both national and global levels.

The UOL employs highly qualified faculty that produces world-class research, being published in reputable research journals. Our students are valued for their knowledge, talents, skillfulness, and ability to conduct research with a problem-solving approach keeping in view of the broader societal interests. We create new knowledge through research and excellent teaching and improve the welfare of the society through community services and outreach. We impart knowledge, attitudes, practical skills and competencies of critical thinking and creativity to our students.

At UOL, we offer a platform that polishes students’ capabilities to become all-round graduates with entrepreneurial skills that make them job creators. I would like to assure the parents and prospective students that their decision to join the UOL will reap the desired fruits in the times ahead.

We visualize a harmonious relationship with the students over the years they will spend with us. We look forward to sending out in the world, graduates who are ready to take on the challenges and make this world a better and safer place for the new generations.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf