Lahore School of Accountancy & Finance has been established to offer graduate and post-graduate programmes in commerce and finance. These courses have been designed to provide the students with skills and knowledge in applied as well as practical aspects of accounting. commerce and finance, These are meant to supply competent staff to the profession of industry, commerce and accountancy. The standard of accountancy and commerce education in the country has not kept pace with the emerging new techniques of business management. Hence, our traditional commerce degree holders have failed to cope with the requirements of increasingly competitive, technological. interdependent and rapidly changing business environment. The goal of the University of Lahore is to develop human resources with desired competency in applied accounting and finance. It is essential for the effective business and organizational development in the country. To enable students for pursuance of professional accountancy career. The programmes provide bridging to recognized professional accounting qualification such as Chartered Accountancy in Pakistan. Chartered Accountancy in England & Wales . CFA(USA). CPA (USA). ACCA (UK) and CIMA (UK). LSAF is committed to impart quality education. The atmosphere is very conducive and exciting due to the participative – learning approach in the study programmes. We have carried out new experiment in curriculum, to provide students with skills and knowledge in the applied as well as practical aspects of accounting, commerce and finance. The recommended study material is syllabus specific. It allows the tutors to effectively cover the entire course within the allocated time without mounting unnecessary pressure on the students. This programme helps students to specialize in Management Marketing, Internal Audit, Investment Management. Islamic Banking, Risk Management and many more fields. They will be able to understand applications of these subjects to various of Business Management. Our mission is to develop competent accountants and business managers to measure up to global professional standards. The challenges of current era are great; we, however, are committed to do everything possible to develop our human resources for meeting these challenges in a befitting manner. Recently, LSAF has entered a joint venture arrangement with EMILE WOOLF INTERNATIONAL, one of the mast respected ACA tuition providers of the UK, to offer ACA (England & Wales) pragramme in Pakistan under the umbrella of EMILE WOOLF PAKISTAN. The Lahore School of Accountancy & Finance is also offering the most popular CPA review pragramme in parnership with DEVRY/BECKER EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENTCORP. (USA).

Muhammad Maqbool